Welcome to the Autumn Kings family. We are a band for the broken, and hope to bring just a little bit more joy and inspiration to your life through our music. We hope to meet you soon!!

Meet the Band

Joe Autumn Kings

My name is Joseph Coccimiglio, and I am the lead singer and songwriter for Autumn Kings. When I’m not singing or writing music I can usually be found at the comic shop, co-hosting the 4 Below Podcast, writing short stories or sketching. I would describe myself as a full on “Geek” and I am PROUD OF IT! Comic books, superheroes, movies - you name it, I probably love it. . . .

Besides my love for geek culture and Star Wars - my family, girlfriend and friends are the most important things in my life. Without their love and support I wouldn’t be able to step on stage. My life in music started when I was 15 yrs old. This influential moment in time is when I was introduced to one of the greatest bands to ever do it: The Beatles. More importantly, I discovered one of my creative heroes, John Lennon. His passion for all things creative steered me into the artistic lifestyle that I have chosen to lead. If I’m not being creative, I’m not enjoying life. Whether it be writing music, drawing or writing out short stories - creating is where my heart lies!

Music to me is one of the ultimate forms of creative expression. It’s poetry, theatre and art all mixed into one amazing package. Not only do I feel blessed that I am able to share these songs with the world, I am honored that so many people have connected with the music I have helped create. Seeing the fans react and wanting to share their stories with Autumn Kings is something I will never take for granted. Love is the only word that comes to mind when I think of the fans and I hope they feel that.

Jake Autumn Kings

My name is Jake Diab. I’m guitarist & co-lead vocalist of Autumn Kings. I founded the band at 18 years old with one dream - That was to use my gift of music to entertain as many people across the world as possible. . . .

In my formative years, I was an avid chess player, and enjoyed highly competitive games of road hockey with neighbourhood kids. While I had a passion for hockey, my real sports strength lied in soccer. When it came to video games, the one that really changed my life - and inspired me to pick up an instrument in the first place - was Guitar Hero. Some argue I was the greatest Guitar Hero 3 player to ever live. I also became a world-class expert (or, so I think) at Mario Kart and Call of Duty alike.

When I was 16, I saw Shinedown at Amway Centre in Florida. I insisted my parents take me to the dollar store to buy a bristol board, and when I got to the show I held up a sign saying “My wish is to drum for you guys.”

Prior to the show, I tweeted, FB messaged, and then when I got there and waved the sign live, I caught the attention of the Shinedown band members. During the acoustic set, the drummer & bassist pointed me out in front of the crowd, told me to hop over the gate, and took me backstage. I vividly remember pinching myself. Barry and Eric appreciated the persistence of all my tweets, waving the sign, etc… They gave me invaluable advice and told me to go for it with music. I could share the whole story if I meet you after one of our next shows. Ultimately, Shinedown gave me great confidence in pursuing a career in music.

I’ve been single for the past 4 years, so if you are single & looking, please give me a call at 313-647….. Just kidding, I’m not that easy.

I hope to meet every single Autumn Kings fan in the near future - this is what rejuvenates me when things get crazy.

Joe Autumn Kings

My name is Tibor, I’m 22 years old. I am the bassist and co-founding member of Autumn Kings.

When I’m not playing bass for Autumn Kings I’m usually either working on staying fit or spending time with my family. Music has always been a part of my life. When I was younger I remember hearing my Dad and his friends blasting music from Rainbow and Deep Purple, to name a few. . . .

I started playing guitar at age 10, but I didn’t pick up a bass until a few years later when my school music teacher told me that I couldn’t play guitar for music class. Fast forward 10 years and here we are... Thanks Mr. White!

The bands that shaped my bass playing the most are Billy Talent and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I credit learning their songs for teaching me how to play. I later fell in love with bands like Rage Against the Machine, Muse, and Dirty Heads. These bands opened my mind to a whole different world of bass playing.

To me, music is all about feel. It’s not about the amount of notes you’re playing but what the notes are doing and what kind of emotions those notes are pulling from the listener. When I’m on stage with Autumn Kings, time slows down and the music takes over. When we’re deep in the groove and locked in with each other, an inexplicable feeling comes over me that nothing else in the world could recreate. Giving your all to a performance and seeing the crowd give that same energy right back is the reason I play bass. Music is nothing without the listeners, and I am grateful for every Autumn Kings fan!

Jake Autumn Kings

My name is Troy, and I’m the drummer for Autumn Kings. Growing up, music has been a huge part of life. My mother has a beautiful voice that has a special place in heart, and my dad is a very talented lead guitarist that I’ll always admire - I grew up around music since the day I was born. . . .

It was only a matter of time before my parents noticed that their 8-year-old tapped on EVERYTHING... so they put me in drum lessons for a year before I took off in my own. I’ve gained experience by playing worship music for multiple mid-Michigan churches, jamming classic rock with my dad’s local band, and spending lots of time practicing at home.

Developing a career in music isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. One of the things I enjoy the most about playing music is that you can touch people’s lives in such a huge way. The testimonies we’ve received about how our music has been an encouragement in hard times / a relief from heartache / a way to get through the day has been absolutely incredible to me. Music has a way of touching and communicating with the hearts and souls of people that NOTHING else can do.

Q & A

Q: When and where did the band form?

2015 in LaSalle, Ontario.

Q: Why did you form a band?

Simple… We LOVE creating and performing music!

Q: What inspires you to write music?

We draw inspiration from all around us. Other bands play a big part in this, but the things that inspire us aren’t always limited to other musicians or songs. We’ve always strived to create music that we felt was missing from our music libraries. We asked ourselves, “What do WE want to hear that hasn’t been done yet?”, and our music is the result.

Q: Who is the most personable band member?

Definitely Joe - he has that innate frontman charisma, and may be the nicest guy you’ve ever met.

Q: How did Autumn Kings get its start?

Jake met Tibor in a high school music class. They were getting tired of being instructed to play the same old boring jazz songs, so they’d often sneak to the back of the music room to play Billy Talent, Foo Fighters, and Red Hot Chili Peppers while the teacher wasn’t looking. Often, they would skip their respective fourth period classes and use their enthusiasm to convince their teachers that they had an urgent music assignment to work on — when in reality they were simply looking to sneak in the music room to jam. The band is forever indebted to those teachers who allowed them to sneak out - if it weren’t for them, there may have been no Autumn Kings! . . .

Jake met Joe while working at a grocery store. Jake was in an old band at the time, and Joe had been involved in various projects. They made one of those dreaded cliché promises that every musician makes to each other upon first meeting: “We should jam sometime!”, “yeah for sure dude, what’s your number?” After this, the guys hadn’t spoken for a year, and Jake’s old band broke up. He had been proactively seeking a new vocalist to start a project with, when one day Jake stumbled upon a video of a girl on his Facebook page who was performing with a talented dude who looked awfully familiar. Low and behold, that vocalist was Joe. Jake was immediately compelled. He ran to his closet, found his old blackberry where he had stored Joe’s number, transferred Joe’s number to his iPhone, gave him a call, and the rest is history.

Troy connected with Autumn Kings online. Out of countless dozens of auditions for a new drummer back in 2019, Troy outshined everybody else’s, and the band knew immediately he had that magic touch that glued Autumn Kings together.

Q: Who is the smartest member of the band?

We used to play cover gigs at bars to make money when we started out. Probably 18 years old at the time. One night, 2 minutes before a 4-hour bar gig at the Bourbon Tap and Grille in Windsor, the two bolts that held my guitar strap in place somehow snapped off my guitar completely, leaving two big holes on my guitar, meaning that I wouldn’t be able to stand up and play.

It was so stressful because it was our first show at this venue, it paid us really well, the owner had high hopes based on what he’d heard about us, and there were hundreds and hundreds of people staring at us as we plugged in our instruments, waiting for us to start the show. I had no back up guitar, and was sweating bullets (Actually, borderline s**tting my pants, but these are minor details). I always knew Tibor had a knack for analytical thinking because he got straight 90s in high school without ever opening a book, so I (wisely) looked over at him with a look of fierce desperation in my eyes. . . .

What is Tibor doing, you may ask? He is walking to the bartender on the other side of the room, asking her for toothpicks, so that he can place them into the holes in my guitar — and upon placing the toothpicks into each hole, he proceeds to nonchalantly pull the world’s greatest super glue out of his backpack (which I learned he always brought to gigs, because you never know what could happen, right!), glue the toothpicks into the holes, and then take my guitar bolts, screw them back into the holes, and miraculously the strap fit onto my guitar perfectly at 9:59pm, right before our 10pm set started.

He achieved this in no more than 87 seconds, and I was so mesmerized that I said to myself …. Yeah…. The second coming of Einstein slaps the bass for Autumn Kings, keep this guy. My jaw is currently on the floor as I recall this story and remember how unbelievably sharp that was. Tibor is a genius, but our newest AK member Troy is giving him a run for his money! It’s amazing — why do singers and guitarists get more attention when they (i.e Joe and I) are the morons? :D

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