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In their first six months of existence, local rock band Autumn Kings have managed to stay relatively low-profile. In fact, they first landed on my radar as I pushed through a throng of giddy fans leaving their first proper concert at the Dominion House.

Since that point, this young four-piece band have been picking up a lot of steam. The band - Joe Coccimiglio (vocals), Jake Diab (guitar), Tibor Bognar (bass) and Jeremie Brousseau (drums) - have been able to pack local venues and draw huge crowds at Strawberry Fest and Villanova High School.

The band is ramping up to the release of their self-titled debut EP, recorded with Marty Bak at SLR studios. They've only released one song, "Devil In Disguise", but they're already getting attention locally and have a sound that's only going to get better with age. We managed to catch up with a few members before their album release to talk about the road they travelled to take the stage.

How did the band come together?
[Jake] I went to high school with Tibor and worked with Joe, and we'd talked about starting a band. I was messing around in some high school bands at the time, but once my bandmates started leaving for school, I called up the guys and we started jamming. We started doing some acoustic gigs last winter, and picked up Jeremie in April. After a few months of writing, practicing hard and getting tight, we started playing full-time gigs, around June.

How would you describe your sound?
[Jake] We're grounded in high-energy rock music, but we're also big fans of reggae, pop, punk, and metal. We try not to be trapped inside of a genre - we just want to write good songs that resonate with fans, and for them to have a great time watching us.

What are your songs about?
[Joe] I don't really like putting myself into others' lives. Sometimes it's just too personal. Our most serious song, 'Come Save Me', is about someone who's addicted to drugs, which none of us are. Same with 'Running From The Police' - we've never been arrested. We write with the hope that fans will relate to these stories.

What's next for you?
[Jake] We're working on an EPK and trying to push out to London and Toronto, and we'll be writing another EP in a few months. We're not serious dudes, we love to joke around, but we're really serious about our music.

WINDSOR INDEPENDENT " ... they're already getting attention locally and have a sound that's only going to get better with age."